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#include <agar/au.h>


The AU_Wave structure stores uncompressed, multi-channel audio data.


AU_Wave * AU_WaveNew (void)

AU_Wave * AU_WaveFromFile (const char *path)

void AU_WaveFree (AU_Wave *wave)

void AU_WaveFreeData (AU_Wave *wave)

int AU_WaveLoad (AU_Wave *wave, const char *path)

int AU_WaveGenVisual (AU_Wave *wave, int reduce)

The AU_WaveNew() function returns a newly-allocated, empty AU_Wave structure. AU_WaveFromFile() returns a newly-allocated AU_Wave with contents loaded from the specified file. The file may be in any format recognized by libsndfile.

The AU_WaveFree() routine frees the AU_Wave and all of its associated resources. AU_WaveFreeData() frees the audio stream, reinitializing the AU_Wave structure to an empty stream.

The AU_WaveLoad() function loads an audio stream from the specified path. The file may be in any libsndfile-supported format.

The AU_WaveGenVisual() function generates a reduced waveform suitable for visualization purposes. The reduced waveform is stored in the AU_Wave structure itself, and is intended to be accessed by GUI visualization widgets.



The AU(3) library and the AU_Wave structure first appeared in Agar 1.5.0. ElectronTubeStore