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#include <agar/au.h>


The Agar-AU library provides a portable interface to audio hardware and manipulation of digital audio streams. It aims to accomodate the constraints of real-time audio playback, as well as the high-quality requirements of offline rendering.

The typical usage involves first opening an output audio stream (an AU_DevOut(3) object), using AU_OpenOut(3), with a specified sample rate and number of output channels (subject to the limitations of the output device, where applicable).

Output devices may also have any number of associated virtual channels.

In a multithreaded application, in order that the AU library correctly process and mix audio generated from concurrent threads, virtual channels are further divided into thread-specific channels which are automatically created (and may also have their own volume levels and effects chains).


int AU_InitSubsystem (void)

void AU_DestroySubsystem (void)

The AU_InitSubsystem() function initializes the Agar-AU library. AU_DestroySubsystem() releases all resources allocated by Agar-AU.



The AU library first appeared in Agar 1.4.2. ElectronTubeStore