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#include <agar/core.h>
#include <agar/sg.h>


The SG object is a general-purpose scene-graph, or a collection of nodes (i.e., SG_Node(3) objects) organized in a tree structure. The SG_Node object is used to describe both "group" nodes and "leaf" nodes.

Scene-graphs are usually rendered using the SG_View(3) widget (or a subclass of it).


AG_Object(3)-> SG.


SG * SG_New (void *parent, const char *name, Uint flags)

void SG_Clear (SG *sg)

The SG_New() function allocates, initializes, and attaches a SG object. Acceptable flags options include:
SG_OVERLAY_WIREFRAMEOverlay wireframe onto geometric objects when rendering scene.
SG_OVERLAY_VERTICESOverlay vertices onto geometric objects when rendering scene.
SG_OVERLAY_VNORMALSOverlay vertex normals when rendering scene.
SG_OVERLAY_FNORMALSOverlay facet normals when rendering scene.
SG_SKIP_UNKNOWN_NODESWhen loading the contents of a scene, ignore unknown/unimplemented elements (otherwise, encountering an unknown node will make the load operation fail).
SG_NO_DEFAULT_NODESDon't create the default nodes (e.g., Camera0, Light0).

The SG_Clear() routine reinitializes sg to an empty scene. If default nodes (e.g., Camera0) are used, they are preserved but their state is reinitialized.


SG_Node * SG_SearchNodes (SG_Node *parent, const char *name)

void * SG_FindNode (SG *sg, const char *name)

int SG_Intersect (SG_Node *node, M_Geom3 g, M_GeomSet3 *S)

The SG_SearchNodes() function scans all descendants of parent for a node of the specified name. The SG_FindNode() function searches the entire scene graph sg for a node of the specified name. On success, SG_SearchNodes() and SG_FindNode() return a pointer to the matching node.

The SG_Intersect() function performs an intersection test between the given node and an arbitrary geometrical object g (see M_Geom3(3)). The function returns 1 if the objects intersect, 0 if they don't intersect, or -1 if the test is not implemented. If the S argument is non-NULL, the intersections are computed and returned as one or more geometrical objects, into S. The structure pointed to by S should have been previously initialized with M_GEOM_SET_EMPTY(3).


sgedit(1), M_Matrix(3), M_Plane(3), M_Real(3), M_Vector(3), SG_Intro(3)


The SG library first appeared in Agar 1.6.0.

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