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#include <agar/core.h>
#include <agar/gui.h>
#include <agar/math/m.h>


The Agar-Math library implements a number of algorithms and operations on related to geometrical structures. The following basic structures are defined, see their respective manual pages for more details:
M_Line(3) Line segment or ray in R2 (M_Line2) or R3 (M_Line3).
M_Circle(3) Circle in R2 (M_Circle2) or R3 (M_Circle3).
M_Sphere(3) Sphere in R3.
M_Plane(3) Plane in R3 (M_Plane).
M_Triangle(3) Triangle in R2 (M_Triangle2) or R3 (M_Triangle3).
M_Rectangle(3) Rectangle in R2 (M_Rectangle2) or R3 (M_Rectangle3).
M_Polygon(3) Polygon in R2.
M_Polyhedron(3) Polyhedron in R3.


A number of routines (e.g., computation of intersections) return sets of zero or more geometrical structures of different types, depending on the

The M_Geom2 structure defines a geometrical entity in R2:
typedef struct m_geom2 {
	M_GeomType type;
	union {
		M_Vector2    point;
		M_Line2      line;
		M_Circle2    circle;
		M_Triangle2  triangle;
		M_Rectangle2 rectangle;
		M_Polygon    polygon;
	} g;
} M_Geom2;

Similarly, M_Geom3 defines an entity in R3:
typedef struct m_geom3 {
	M_GeomType type;
	union {
		M_Vector3    point;
		M_Line3      line;
		M_Circle3    circle;
		M_Triangle3  triangle;
		M_Rectangle3 rectangle;
		M_Polygon    polygon;
		M_Sphere     sphere;
		M_Plane      plane;
		M_Polyhedron polyhedron;
	} g;
} M_Geom3;

The type field can take on the following values:
M_NONE Undefined type
M_POINT An M_Vector2(3) or M_Vector3(3).
M_LINE An M_Line2(3) or M_Line3(3).
M_CIRCLE An M_Circle2(3) or M_Circle3(3).
M_POLYGON An M_Polygon(3).
M_TRIANGLE An M_Triangle2(3) or M_Triangle3(3).
M_RECTANGLE An M_Rectangle2(3) or M_Rectnagle3(3).
M_SPHERE An M_Sphere(3).
M_PLANE An M_Plane3(3).


Sets of generic geometric entities in R2 are described by the structure:
typedef struct m_geom_set2 {
	M_Geom2 *g;
	Uint n;
} M_GeomSet2;
Similarly for R3:
typedef struct m_geom_set3 {
	M_Geom3 *g;
	Uint n;
} M_GeomSet3;

The following routines allow the manipulation of these sets.

M_GeomSet2 M_GEOM_SET_EMPTY (void)

M_GeomSet3 M_GEOM_SET_EMPTY (void)

void M_GeomSetAdd2 (M_GeomSet2 *S, const M_Geom2 *g)

void M_GeomSetAdd3 (M_GeomSet3 *S, const M_Geom3 *g)

void M_GeomSetFree2 (M_GeomSet2 *S)

void M_GeomSetFree3 (M_GeomSet3 *S)

The M_GEOM_SET_EMPTY() macro is provided as a static initializer for M_GeomSet2 and M_GeomSet3.

The M_GeomSetAdd2() and M_GeomSetAdd3() functions insert a copy of the entity g into the geometric set S.

M_GeomSetFree2() and M_GeomSetFree3() release the resources allocated by a geometric set.


AG_Intro(3), M_Matrix(3), M_Real(3), M_Vector(3)


The M_Geometry structure first appeared in Agar 1.3.4.

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