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#include <agar/core.h>
#include <agar/gui.h>


ScreenshotThe AG_DirDlg widget is a directory selection widget. It provides an interface similar to AG_FileDlg(3) but restricts selection to directories.


AG_Object(3)-> AG_Widget(3)-> AG_DirDlg.


AG_DirDlg* AG_DirDlgNew (AG_Widget *parent, Uint flags)

AG_DirDlg* AG_DirDlgNewMRU (AG_Widget *parent, const char *mruKey, Uint flags)

int AG_DirDlgSetDirectory (AG_DirDlg *dd, const char *format, ...)

int AG_DirDlgSetDirectoryS (AG_DirDlg *dd, const char *path)

void AG_DirDlgSetDirectoryMRU (AG_DirDlg *dd, const char *mruKey, const char *defaultDir)

The AG_DirDlgNew() function allocates, initializes, and attaches a new AG_DirDlg widget. The AG_DirDlgNewMRU() variant implicitely calls AG_DirDlgSetDirectoryMRU() with the given key. Note that unless AG_DirDlgSetDirectory() is used (see below), the default directory is set according to the AG_CONFIG_PATH_DATA setting of AG_Config(3).

Acceptable flags include:
AG_DIRDLG_MULTIAllow multiple directories to be selected at once.
AG_DIRDLG_CLOSEWINAutomatically close the AG_DirDlg widget's parent window when a directory is selected.
AG_DIRDLG_LOADThe selected directory must exist and be accessible or an error is returned to the user.
AG_DIRDLG_SAVEThe selected directory must be writeable or an error is returned to the user.
AG_DIRDLG_NOBUTTONSDon't display "OK" and "Cancel" buttons.
AG_DIRDLG_HFILLExpand horizontally in parent container.
AG_DIRDLG_VFILLExpand vertically in parent container.

The active directory can be set programmatically with the AG_DirDlgSetDirectory() function.

The AG_DirDlgSetDirectoryMRU() sets the working directory according to an AG_Config(3) parameter named mruKey If the parameter does not exist, it will be set to defaultDir (it is customary to use a name such as myapp.mru.foodir). If AG_DirDlgSetDirectoryMRU() is used, subsequent directory changes will cause the current AG_Config(3) settings to be saved automatically.


By default, selecting a directory will trigger the following checks:
  1. If AG_DIRDLG_LOAD or AG_DIRDLG_SAVE is set, check whether the directory is accessible or writeable.
  2. Select the directory, raising a dir-chosen event.
  3. If AG_DIRDLG_CLOSEWIN is set, close the parent window.

The default action performed when a user clicks on "Cancel" is simply to close the parent window if AG_DIRDLG_CLOSEWIN is set.

These default actions can be overridden using the functions below:

void AG_DirDlgOkAction (AG_DirDlg *dd, void (*fn)(AG_Event *), const char *fmt, ...)

void AG_DirDlgCancelAction (AG_DirDlg *dd, void (*fn)(AG_Event *), const char *fmt, ...)

int AG_DirDlgCheckReadAccess (AG_DirDlg *dd)

int AG_DirDlgCheckWriteAccess (AG_DirDlg *dd)

The AG_DirDlgOkAction() function configures an event handler function to invoke when a directory is selected, overriding the default behavior. The event handler will be passed a string argument containing the absolute path to the selected directory.

AG_DirDlgCancelAction() overrides the default behavior of the "Cancel" button.

The utility functions AG_DirDlgCheckReadAccess() and AG_DirDlgCheckWriteAccess() evaluate whether the selected directory is readable or writeable.


The AG_DirDlg widget does not provide any bindings.


The AG_DirDlg widget generates the following events:
dir-chosen (char *path)
The user has selected the given directory. path is the full pathname to the directory.
dir-selected (char *path)
The user has browsed to the given directory.


For the AG_DirDlg object:
char cwd[AG_PATHNAME_MAX] Absolute path of current working directory.


See tests/loader.c in the Agar source distribution.



The AG_DirDlg widget first appeared in Agar 1.4.1. ElectronTubeStore