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#include <agar/core.h>
#include <agar/gui.h>


The AG_Color structure describes a color in terms of Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha components. The AG_Color structure is declared as:
typedef struct ag_color {
	Uint16 r,g,b,a;			/* LG (16-bit color) */
	Uint8  r,g,b,a;			/* MD (8-bit color) */
} AG_Color;

The alpha component may or may not be used in a given context. A value of 0 (or AG_TRANSPARENT or AG_COLOR_FIRST) is fully transparent, while AG_OPAQUE (or AG_COLOR_LAST) is fully opaque.


void AG_ColorRGB_8 (AG_Color *c, Uint8 r, Uint8 g, Uint8 b)

void AG_ColorRGBA_8 (AG_Color *c, Uint8 r, Uint8 g, Uint8 b, Uint8 a)

void AG_ColorRGB_16 (AG_Color *c, Uint16 r, Uint16 g, Uint16 b)

void AG_ColorRGBA_16 (AG_Color *c, Uint16 r, Uint16 g, Uint16 b, Uint16 a)

void AG_HSV2Color (float hue, float sat, float val, AG_Color *c)

void AG_Color2HSV (AG_Color *c, float *hue, float *sat, float *val)

void AG_ColorHex16 (AG_Color *c, Uint16 hex)

void AG_ColorHex32 (AG_Color *c, Uint32 hex)

void AG_ColorHex64 (AG_Color *c, Uint64 hex)

void AG_ColorFromString (AG_Color *c, const char *spec, const AG_Color *parentColor)

void AG_ColorNone (AG_Color *c)

void AG_ColorBlack (AG_Color *c)

void AG_ColorWhite (AG_Color *c)

void AG_ColorLighten (AG_Color *c, int shade)

void AG_ColorDarken (AG_Color *c, int shade)

void AG_ColorInterpolate (AG_Color *cx, const AG_Color *c1, const AG_Color *c2)

int AG_ColorCompare (const AG_Color *a, const AG_Color *b)

AG_ColorRGB_8() and AG_ColorRGB_16() return an AG_Color from 8- or 16-bit red, green and blue components (with alpha set to fully opaque).

AG_ColorRGBA_8() and AG_ColorRGBA_16() return an AG_Color from 8- or 16-bit RGB and alpha components.

AG_HSV2Color() maps a color in HSV space to the closest approximation in RGB space, and copies the A component as-is. The inverse operation is performed by AG_Color2HSV(). Note: H and V become increasingly lossy as S->0.

The AG_ColorHex16(), AG_ColorHex32() and AG_ColorHex64() routines convert a color packed into 0xRGBA (4-bit components), 0xRRGGBBAA (8-bit components), or 0xRRRRGGGGBBBBAAAA (16-bit components) into an AG_Color.

AG_ColorFromString() converts a text-based color representation to an AG_Color. The following formats are allowed:

Color components may be separated by `/', ':' or ','.

A component terminating with a `%' character is interpreted as a ratio (in %) of the corresponding component of pColor (or White if pColor is NULL).

AG_ColorNone() initializes the color to fully transparent black (0,0,0,0). AG_ColorBlack() and AG_ColorWhite() initialize the respective fully opaque color.

AG_ColorLighten() and AG_ColorDarken increase and decrease the overall value of c by some small increment multiplied by shade. A shade argument of 0 leaves the color value unchanged.

AG_ColorInterpolate() traces an imaginary line in RGB color space between c1 and c2 and returns into cx the color closest to the point described by the fraction num over denom.

AG_ColorCompare() returns non-zero if the two colors differ.



Agar 1.0 through 1.3 described colors using packed pixels in a 32-bit reference format. The AG_Color structure first appeared in Agar 1.4.0. Agar 1.6.0 introduced the AG_LARGE memory model and 48-bit "Deep Color". AG_Color2HSV(), AG_HSV2Color(), AG_ColorNone(), AG_ColorDarken(), AG_ColorLighten() and the AG_ColorInterpolate() functions appeared in 1.6.0. ElectronTubeStore