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Nm agartestOp Fl CDWqvOp Fl d Ar agar-driverOp Fl s Ar stylesheetOp Fl t Ar font-specOp Ar test-name ...


agartest is a test suite for the Agar-GUI library. It includes various examples, interactive tests and microbenchmarks. The command-line options are as follows:
-C Redirect verbose and debug message output to stderr. By default, such messages are written to the GUI console (see AG_Console(3)).
-D Enable debugging of objects and variables (debug level = 2).
-b Run the given command-line module(s) as benchmarks.
-W Force timers using a software timing wheel. By default, kernel APIs such as select(3) and kqueue(3) are used where available.
-q Disable verbose and debug messages.
-d Specify an alternate Agar driver / backend (see AVAILABLE DRIVERS in AG_InitGraphics(3) for details; some drivers accept optional arguments).
-s Specify an alternate stylesheet (see AG_Stylesheet(3)).
-t Set the default font (e.g., Luxi Sans:10, Courier:10.5:b, my.otf:16).
-v Print version number and exit.


LANG ISO language code determining which translation should be used.

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